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In Search of Fenced Twigs and Placerville

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Went for a ride in search of a geocache (Fenced Twigs) that I've been eyeing since last year, and to the old mining town (almost a ghost town) of Placerville, Idaho. Did not reach the cache as it was way, way to brushy to attempt a hike to the cache. But an adventure non-the-less. Had more success on my side trip to Placerville. I will spend more time visiting the old mines around Placerville some other time.

Trailered the TW up Harris Creek and unloaded half-way between Horseshoe Bend, Id, and Harris Creek Summit. Lots of family history at this site. Paid my respects at the site of my wife's brother who died here in 1996 in an auto crash.

Here's the video/photo of the ride. Had about 20 something minutes of video, but edited (shortened...alot), and added some photo's to make the video not so boring. Hope you enjoy.


And the long video only version.

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Thank you Admiral for sharing. Love Idaho riding. A friend and I went to the summit of Dollar Hyde taking Warm Springs from Ketchum a few weeks ago but hit snow at top so turned around. Wish I had a video set up to share that. Next time we will go all the way over to Fairfield now that snow is gone for burgers and have another friend meet us with a trailer.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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