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I think we are a pretty like minded group here that pretty much have the same interests. I just picked up a used jon boat so I'm wanting to sell my little dingey. I'd be willing to ship this thing also.

I have an 02 Brig B350 I'm wanting to sell. Attached is a price list and website that can give you all the spec's. Make me a reasonable offer and it's yours. Here is what they list for new.

BALTIC (foldable with rigid deck, infl. keel) B350 11'6" x 5'8" 25 119 4 $2,745.00

And here is their website. I not expecting to bring in this kind of money for it but if you make me a reasonable offer we can work something out. It fold's down and fit's into two bags for carrying. It fit's easily into the rear of a Jeep Wrangler which are not known for their cargo room.
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