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Installing a Clarke XT225 tank

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Here I'll show you how I Installed my Clarke XT225 tank.

First I want to say thanks to two members here :

lzrdbrth, who had the great idea to start a group buy at

Darnold87 who helped me in my quest with his useful thread about his XT225 tank installement.

Thank you guys! ;-)

Here is how I did mine

You will need :

1 XT225 tank

2 hockey pucks

1 backsaw

1 tin snip

1 small bracket that came with your new tank

1 top bracket from your stock tank (zinc coloured one)

3 zip ties

1 10mm bolt and nut

1 drill and a 1/4 bit

1 piece of rubber (about a square inch or so)

Something to sand

1. Take your hockey pucks and mark them so they fit in the cavities of the tank

2. Take your backsaw and cut the pucks (I used a C-Clamp to hold them in place will sawing)

3. Cut them on the side so they match the thickness of the stock TW200 pucks

4. Dill one hole in each puck (place a stock puck on top of your custom puck to help you)

5. Sand the opposite side of the puck and give it a round shape like the stock ones

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I just wanted to add a couple notes on the XT tank install. I did mine slightly different but took the inspiration from this so I thought it appropriate to give credit where credit is due. Here is what I did on my two bikes.

First, the hockey pucks are a great idea. I made them the same way Guitarman did but ran them through my band saw and split them, meaning, I used 1 puck per bike. I just put a couple washers between the frame and puck.

I found some scrap fuel line and heater hose in my stash and slipped a piece of fuel line inside of the heater hose making a sleeved rubber mount for the rear. (Sorry, I forgot to measure diameters as they were just scraps I had in a box).

I used the supplied rear mount bracket but bent it an additional 90* and flipped it upside down. Then I worked it over the short section of hose.

The pliable mount allowed me to bend it back to drop the tank in place then bolt it down.

The petcock fits but it's close. For the seat I used a heat gun and bent the tongue down a little. This really helps since the XT tank is a little taller.

I trimmed both side panels but I'm not sure the right one absolutely needed to be. It's held to the frame with a ziptie at the front. I put a split section of vacuum hose on the leading edge of the left cover to protect the fuel hose.

I'm pretty happy with the end result. I have bar risers and I can go lock to lock with no contact. Aside from a little foreskin wrinkling on the seat, you'd never know it wasn't meant to fit a TW.

Side note: I know it's fashionable to bash Clarke, but both of mine were fine. I did find a small flaw at the very bottom right side of the white one. It was only about 3/8" long but the blue tank I ordered was fine. Shipping was fast too. White tank was on my doorstep the day after I ordered it.
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how did you secure the tubing to the bike for the tank mount?? How is that metal bracket secured?

Do you think the .75-1 inch riser block i have now on the stock bnars would work?
My second photo shows it. The whole tank is basically a rubber mounted friction fit and it's not physically bolted to the frame. The seat is what holds it in place. It doesn't bounce around or anything but if you grab it you can wiggle it side to side a bit.
I'm not sure if your risers will clear or not. I think my white bike has 1.5" and the blue bike has 2" Rox risers. The bars clear fine on both but the bark busters will contact if they aren't rotated correctly.
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