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hey kwizard, whats the bonus with installing a TTR225 clutch pack?

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\quote name='Kwizard' date='22 January 2013 - 07:08 AM' timestamp='1358867311' post='66023']

You gain an extra plate set, and reportedly a no mod bolt in.


There is a dif in the end shafts.


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The problems are starting here.

The TTR does have a other toothing as like the TW.

If you want the 6 disk clutch, you have to install the TTR shaft.

But the TTR shaft does have a 6 speed transmission.

You will need a 6 speed output shaft.

The next problem, the 6 speed transmission does have a shorter output shaft as the TW.

The summary

What you need:

- inner and outer clutch basket from a 6 disk clutch

- 6 speed transmission

- and you have to find a way to enlarge the outputshaft


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You can also install stiffer springs.

The following is one of my company secrets.

I can tell you this, because I can not make good deals with you:

-> shipping is expensive

-> USD-EUR exchange rate is bad for you

These reasons will make for you standard parts a bit expensive.

The clutch springs from EBC are 10% stiffer, as the OEM springs.

The fitting springs for the TW does have the number CSK052.

-> This is not the secret

But I've found a other set of fitting springs.


These springs will fit perfect on the 2001 and newer models, because Yamaha has changed the pressure plate a little bit.

All other bikes will need a small modification. There must be removed a bit material from the pressure plate, because the spring diameter is a bit bigger (~0.8mm bigger, but you don't have to remove so much -> ~0.4mm).

Sorry, I not describe it better. I hope, you understand what I try to say.

I've made a small calculation to get the spring rate from the different clutch springs.

-> I don't know the exact value of "G = modulus of rigidity", but I use 81.500 N/mm² as basic value for the calculation.

13,40 N/mm² -> OEM spring

14,74 N/mm² -> CSK052 -> 10% stiffer as OEM

15,69 N/mm² -> CSK002 -> 17,1% stiffer as OEM

I've ordered some other springs from EBC and I want to check these springs too.
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