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I've got an inverted fork set up including disc brake and rim that the previous owner of one of my TW's was planning on converting his bike with but never did. He was quite confident it would work. I never will get around to converting because I'm just fine with the set up I've got. I do not know what bike they came off but I would say the parts are pretty good quality (also have a front fender for the set up). These look a little stronger than the original TW forks. I won't ship so you'd have to live close to Bandon Oregon. PM me and we can arrange to meet and you can take a look if you're interested.

$100 if you like what you see (I'll even throw in a a pair of used TW 7/8 handle bars if you want.

In summary, comes with:



Fender (Orange Plastic)

Rim with disc and axle (no rubber)

brake hose

Brake master cylinder & handle

Handle bars (no grips or clutch controls.


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