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Just hit about 1000 miles on a 5.10 x 18 IRC GP1 on the front, and I thought I would post up. I bought the tire because the shinko 244 was out of stock in 5.10 at the time. The first 2300 miles was with the stocker. This is my experience and your riding style may vary results. I would say that my riding style ranges from casual to aggressive depending on mood/conditions. All miles with tire pressure at 18/18 front/rear. A real close 50/50 street/dirt use. The tire guy said it took .5 ounces to balance. He said I could have gotten away without any weights.

Street: as good or better than stock--yes, a little heavier, slightly more resistance to turn, but that feeling was gone before the 1st ride was over. To me, the IRC feels more solid and planted and instils more confidence. The IRC is noted for not having some of the funky street manerisms of the Kenda in the turns. Disclaimer--I am not a peg dragger on the street and did not push either tire to its limit.

Gravel: Noticable improvement over stock. Less front end sway and much more confidence in the turns.

Sand: Noticable improvement over stock in light, medium, and heavy sand--we have lots in Northern Michigan. In fact, the IRC is so much better that I find I am much more relaxed and have less fatigue and arm pump from clenching the grips than I did with the stocker. I have also riden heavy sand single track that I tried many times and gave up on with the stocker. It will do it as long as your realistic about the TW and you ability. The nice thing about the TW with the IRC is that I dont have to race through the deeper sand single track to stay upright. Some hairy moments-yes, but it will do it, and I wouldn't with the stocker. The really cool thing about the IRC is that I can actually pick a line in the sand and ride it--well most of the time, it is sand after all. With the stocker, I was usually along for the ride.

Hard Pack: Beter than stock. More solid and planted feeling.

Other stuff (rocks, roots, wet, ect): Better than stock in all conditions.

Front Braking: As good or better than stock on the street. Off-road: Notable improvement. There were many conditions I would not use my front brake in due to immediate front end washout. At fisrt, I was treating the IRC like the stocker when it came to braking off-road out of force of habit. When I grabbed the front brake out of necessity, I initially went oh no thinking the front end was going to wash compounding my problem. I was actually suprised that it did not. I now find myself using my front brake much more off-raod. (Please be careful and maintain reasonable expectations--all front tires can wash under braking)

1000 Mile impression:

Great wear so far. Other than the nibs, barely any wear. I have ridden the IRC harder than the stocker in all conditions (due to the increased confidence) and the stocker was more than half gone with notable sloping and vibration at 2100 miles. At this rate, the IRG will be around for a while. I am planning to run 16/18 or 16/16 pressure on my next trip next week to see how that works out.

Will I buy it again--Probably not. Only because the performance of this tire so closely resembles the Shinko SR244 but costs twice as much. If the 244 were not available, I wouldn't buy any other tire than the IRC.


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I love my IRC! It is the best tire I've fitted to the front and has an excellent wear pattern - almost non-detectable.

I've noticed it behaves more like the stock, but as you've indicated, with much more confidence with the sides biting a bit better.

Glad you're happy with this!

...and, great review! I agree 100 percent!

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