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I recently bought (ok, I traded 1:1 for my 96 suzuki GS500 :-D) a fairly stock 1997 TW200, and it doesn't have an odometer

in the middle of the speedo like most pictures that I've seen show. It only has a tripmeter down at the bottom of the speedo.

Is this stock for my bike?

I have no idea how many miles are on it; previous owner said that he was told it was around 3000, but I have no idea how they'd have gauged that.

Someone in the past laid this bike down, apparently fairly hard, as the brake lever is absoluted fubar'd. It's still usable, acts a lot like

the shorty/two-finger levers you find on sportbikes, but I don't like it. Does anyone have any opinions/links on replacement levers that they like?

Are there any adjustable ones that fit the TW?

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