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is the CDI on my 87 updated from Yammi?

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i ordered a new one just now, but is it "just" a new one or did yamaha fix the issue? i didn't see a superseded part number for it.

ordered: 2JX-85540-M0-00

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I'm willing to bet Honda didn't fix the issue

'87 is the 1st model year TW, after that year the ignition stuff changed. Yamaha probably wouldn't have fixed the issue (if it was even known at the time). My guess is the '87 CDI's problems didn't show face until late enough in the years that Yamaha didn't feel it was financially/marketably beneficial to fix probably just became a 'legacy' part and their focus shifted/remained on current parts.

I'm sure your question is arising from whether your new $250 part is going to go bad in 6 months. I can't answer that, but I'd say you're safe. that just sucks, at least my original can limp on the shoulder to nearest bus stop, lol

i still dig my oldie t-dub, no need to upgrade

forgot to update this post, bike runs perfectly after the new 87 CDI. i added some header wrap anywhere the exhaust pipe gets close to it, and updated the spark plug to the resistor type. might help keep it going

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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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