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I found a 2002 XT225 tank, cap, key and wing shrouds on Craigslist for $85 Canadian and I went hmmmmmmm.....:) I pm'd Fred for some advice and he suggested that perhaps I should pursue it.

I got ahold of the fellow that placed the add and he stated that it was a tank that he took off at around 250 kms and that it sat in his garage for the last 15 years! I haven't touched it other then to get the dust off and it is 99%. The locking cap functions well and there is no rust anywhere, inside or out! The only thing I need to buy is a petcock as I want to leave the one on putt-putt intact and a couple of pucks.......:)

The big surprise came today when it arrived......... I never heard anything from the seller once I sent the $$$$........ The story sounded too good to be true for the $$$ and after waiting almost a week for something that is 35 miles across the water......I thought that perhaps......

I can install this tank and the colours are perfect. The only other decal is a YAMAHA decal in black which matches as does the white of course. I was going to have it professionally repainted but I see no reason to given the condition..... Thank you Fred for the gentle nudge.....:) I might have to remove the XT and replace it with a TW.

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