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This internet thing has always been confusing to me. It's a lot like the stories the family used to tell about my Grandad when he bought that first T Model Ford. He would yell and scream whoa, whoa, whoa at it and the damned thing wouldn't stop.

He finally got used to machinery replacing horses on the farm, but, even late in the game was known to hit a tractor with a pitchfork to get it to do what he wanted.

That's me and the internet. I know a ton of normal folks who buy groceries online and even my Son, who is almost as normal as his Mother and me, has successfully dated online.

But I'm coming around. My other forum got me addicted 12 or 15 years ago, and now I am the old man there. You'd be surprised, but in that amount of time, with only an hour or two of effort each day, you can actually get to know people well enough to relate to them as friends.

In fact, that forum has suckered me into working on log houses hundreds and hundreds of miles away for free. I think the personal interaction is what makes the lifelong friends. It's almost like they all went to High School or Boot Camp with me and now we're naming kids after each other.

Three years ago we had the nicest family you'd want to meet drive from Tennessee.... Yes, by golly TENNESSEE, to see in person our log house. It was a weekend of all the right questions necessary to build one just like it.

We were pleasantly surprised a year or so ago when we drove to Tennessee, and other far off places. Their house had all the dimensions and personality of ours. Only it was nicer. We met for the first time in person, with dozens of our old friends from that forum. Tears were shed each time the calendar pulled us away.

A forum like that is not just a bunch of jokes and answers to the question "Can we really hoist our log rafters with with only our Toyota". It's about forming relationships.

But you all know that already, don't you.

Now on to the story.

A year ago, some guy named Patrick (Westieterrier) had been bantering on this forum and posted that he was driving down the pretty part of our Country's coast, dragging his TW. I said he oughta stop in at our place and he ended up spending a few days here. We rode, we played, we stayed up late, and we made jokes about my Ridgepole. And then he left.

He rides exactly like I do, only better, so we both had an open invitation to do it again. The problem is, Patrick is in love.

Yup, it happens to the best of us.

They just left this morning, after four wonderful days together. They had the pickup and camper and the TW on the front but of course they stayed in the loft bedroom. We put on some great miles and saw a few things but mostly we just shared what new old friends share the best.

She's a peach and it's so much fun watching folks in love when there are still new things to share. Time like that goes fast, but there'll be more of it soon enough.

I wish I had got a photo of them on the VanVan but I was eating french fries and the phone slipped.

I did get a photo of Patrick taking a photo of me taking a photo of Rizza

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Excellent writeup and description about how humans can interact in different ways. The more that I travel the globe, the more I have determined that whiskey is for drinking, water is fought over, that I do not need all the usual “comfort” trappings of life, and that farmers, and little kids are the same in every place I’ve ever been.
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