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I've lost my spark!

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Okay, thats just great. I end up on the technical help forum. Beautiful weather, a full tank, oh and no spark.

Sorry in advance if lengthy.

I rode my bike 70ish miles Friday. I dumped it hard twice on the devil's trail I found, but with seamingly no damage at all (thanks panniers). Afterwards I rode it 40 or more miles, stopping twice. Turned the bike off and came back. Cranked just fine. One of those times I stopped for about 30 minutes. Like I said, no problem. Why would there be?

Saturday evening I hop on to do a quick ride and she turns and turns. Nothing doing. So I figured I knocked some tank crud loose and clogged the carb. Pulled it, cleaned it (it was very clean). Still nothing. So I checked for spark and Bingo! Using the starter I got no spark at all. Kicking the crap out of it I got intermittent spark fading to no spark.

Tried 3 different spark plugs, no dice. The ignition coil checks out fine via OHM meter.

Here is where I need help. The "pick up coil" came in at 843 ohms, over spec but not crazy bad. The "source coil" I get nothing. No continuity at all. I'm going to start tracing wires later but would like yall to chime in on a few things.

1. Would a bad source coil cause NO spark?

2. Do they go bad that suddenly; why?

3. Yamaha defines them as "pick up coil" and "source coil" in the manual, but not on the parts diagram. Are they separate? Whats it called on the diagrams. More importantly do you have a good used one for dirt cheap?

One other thing, the wires that come from my ?stator? are different colors than what comes off the harness. I just reconnected them as they came when I rebuilt it. Its been that way for 2100 miles. Yours different colors or do yall have brown to brown, red to red?

Any other ideas, besides cussing yelling and screaming, which I've already done?

1994 non cali

3000 miles

Tiny battery, though fully capable of staring it. It was and is still charged.

Stock air and carb.
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You can replace just the source coil on the stator assembly, but beware. If you don't do it right it will come apart and F$(& your motor. I did it, they didn't even give me a tshirt nor did i stay in a Holiday Inn Express.

I'm a nut, so if you were me and I were you, I'd get the varnish off the source coil, and unwind the wire counting turns. Find similar sized wire and rewind. Bingo Bango Bongo, sparky spark. Or if you have a decent paying job you can buy a stator, or maybe find a used one on ebay. None of the options are really that great. Someday I will come up with a solution for us all and we can rejoice in non-sucky stator goodness.
Yep that was my post. After that I switched to a system from a 1998 TW200 because I didn't anchor the source coil into my stator well enough. It came out of the stator ring and everything got chewed up by the flywheel.

Now the CDI from the '98 appears to be bad, so I will probably switch back to the TTR setup. This is getting really frustrating. I've had my bike for 12 months as of this month and will now be on my 4th ignition setup. If I had a known-good stator I would just buy an ignition from and call it a day, but cannot confirm at this time whether it is my stator or CDI that is causing grief.
Its incredibly maddening that they charge so much for a cdi and stator just because they flippin can. A 1/3 of the value of the bike are those two components.

At that price they should have lifetime replacement warranties then it wouldnt matter if they were crappy.

Yep, I've had enough of it. It's insane and just can't deal with it anymore. Have another TTR125 source coil on its way to me so I can at least get the bike up and running. A lot harder to complain about $30 with the engine side case included and I already have the CDI and wiring harness (will sell engine case to get some money back)

You guys might not believe me, but I literally lie awake some nights, completely consumed by the fact that my bike has given me nothing but ignition (among other) problems. During one of these bouts of depression/contemplation the other night, I got some buyer's remorse about the TTR purchase and realized that I should stop messing around. Being broke doesn't excuse spending $30 on something half-assed when it will only cost $150-$200 to do it right and (hopefully) never do it again.

Going to bite the bullet and buy an ignitech programmable DC CDI on payday. Screw source coils. They are nothing but a thorn in my side, that happen to be submerged in oil inside my engine case. The DC CDI is powered from the battery. This also means I can totally rewire the stator ring in the TW to produce more power if wanted, without worrying about mucking up the source coil.

Hook up some wires, go ride the bike, forget about all the problems in the world. It all seems so simple now...
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Glad to hear it is working for you!

I could not get the TTR125 CDI to generate a spark last night, using the source coil and pulser coil from the '98 TW200. Either it got fried when the stator blew up, or there is some inherent difference in the voltages supplied/required from the source/pulser coils on the two bikes.

Will keep you all updated on ignitech CDI, have to get some bills paid and get some money together first.
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