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Jetting for 10k feet

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Plan on going elk hunting to Colorado in October. Currently my 2000 TW is 100% stock and runs good here at 900 ft above sea level. We took my dad's 200 cc 4 wheeler a couple of years ago and it wouldn't run good enough to pull a hill with you on it. I want to avoid that with the t-dub. So I assume I only need to change the main jet but to what size? thanks!
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There is only one way to find out and that is to try your bike at those elavations with different jets. The higher you go the leaner you need to go on the jets. There is a product called dial-a- jet which is an adjustable (jet) that adds more fuel when required. If you run your bike at 10,000 feet you would put in a lean main jet that runs good at that elavation and when at lower elavations you adjust the dial-a- jet to richen the mix. I haven't used one because I don't see those kind of elavation changes but the idea seems to make sense. Here is the link .
I never looked up the price but you're right, they are expensive. I guess if you were riding from sea level to 10,000 feet on a weekly basis it might be worth

it. There are some folks on the forum that suggeted drilling holes in the air box and plugging them by some means until you reach higher elavations. By

removing the plugs there is more air available to lean out the mix. The higher you go the more plugs you remove. Haven't tried this either but it also makes sense. Good luck on the Elk hunting trip.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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