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Jetting for 10k feet

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Plan on going elk hunting to Colorado in October. Currently my 2000 TW is 100% stock and runs good here at 900 ft above sea level. We took my dad's 200 cc 4 wheeler a couple of years ago and it wouldn't run good enough to pull a hill with you on it. I want to avoid that with the t-dub. So I assume I only need to change the main jet but to what size? thanks!
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Not interested in spending that much coin. I could buy 2 jets of every size for that price! lol, thanks though. I think I'll probably just pack several different sizes.
Mine's a stock '96. I live at 5,000 ft. and have had it, so far, as high as 8,500 ft. and it's run fine. Next trip I should be going higher and I'll report back how it does. Of course, yours may do different, so I wouldn't hesitate to carry some jets along.

On a side note, where are you hunting?

Thanks, let us know! We will be hunting near Gunnison. We will probably go as high as 12k feet unless there is a lot of snow.
You hunting up by crested butte? My 98 has the same carb your does and it made it over 13,100'"imogene pass" but it sputtered past 9,500. Might go a few sizes smaller. I

Cannibal Plateau
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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