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I have a 2020. Bought the pc jet kit. I have a DG slip on.
I put in the new 34 pilot and needle with 2 shims And the 125 main

the bike still runs really lean. I’ve gone up to a135 main and I’m still lean.With a bone white plug... any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m in southern NH 1200’
i have a 2020 also and rejeted with a 34 pilot, 128 main and 1 washer. bike starts, rides, idles great. i haven't used the choke since rejetting. i tried a 130 main and it stumbled, it was too much. if you can run a 135, then something is blocked in that passage. with my 34 pilot, the mixture screw is out 1 3/4 turns. something is very haywire in your carb


21 - 25 of 25 Posts