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Today I was asked a question re the value of a really nice full decked TW200 Adventure Ready bike a person is considering offering for sale. While my sales side of me wanted to tell him it's a bad time to sell the dang things are worthless so I could buy it myself lol this is what I actually shared;

Name has been omitted but the party selling may chime in if desired

RE 2016 722 miles
  • Seat concepts seat; "carbon fiber" look.
  • Cycleracks rear rack flat
  • Kickstarter add-on kit
  • Ricochet skid plate
  • Jimbo windshield
  • Lizrdbrth oil cooler
  • Rox 2" handlebar risers
  • Tusk D-Flex handlebar brush guards
  • Krator extra wide front pegs
  • Battery Tender Lithium Battery
  • IMS shifter
Hi Anon well your TW is pretty much the Holy Grail for TW's the year and miles are great and the options literally ideal

what people might not know because I see peope selling TW's way too cheap this season is that covid has triggered a mass of people to escapism and since we can't do the tings we normally do for escape like movies etc people are looking to the outdoors and the open road

RV sale, pleasure boat and personal watercraft at all time record sales heights

I have been trying to sell my BW350 collection for 4 years and in the last month sold all but 3 so thats 11 sold in June

My point is I think theres never been a better time to sell (or perhaps even buy) a TW

I think your TW with no upgrades is worth around $3695 in normal times

I usually separate adventure upgrades because they are easy to sell in parts but occasionally you can find a TW buyer who understands the benefit of a complete adventure ready TW and thats how I'd advertise your TW

I'd say $4995 is what it's worth with all the goodies and hell thats still $800 under what a new TW with no upgrades might cost

I'd actually love to own your TW it's exactly the setup I like except I'd sell the Cycle Rack (which people will line up to purchase lol) I prefer the Happy Trailes these days and I have a bag system that workd great with HT

I hope that helps it is my opinion its perhaps the best time ever to be selling a TW and I can't blame anybody for buying one in todays clinate it's literally the best of both worlds for the buyer and the seller in my humble opinion

Good luck on the sale, have patience you only have one TW to sell so you only need one buyer we don't care what the nay sayers say lmao

Fred in Arizona

One parting thought; there may never be a better time to own a TW as a back up escape vehicle we can all easily see the roads being blocked to vehicle traffic and we only have a finite amount of ammo for "road pest clearing" but we need to save it for life and death family protection. The TW is nimble it can pack a load of gear and is pretty easy on fuel I was planning to sell my personal 2014 ADV ready TW but now I plan to keep it around
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