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Mission Statement: Ride the trails we haven't ridden before. Maybe even the trails we can't see...or aren't there...except on the GPS! Oops! Mrs. Admiral rode great despite the navigational difficulties at times. I'm sure she'll have a bit to say on this matter!:p

Been 3 years since we rode down here and decided it would be a good place to ride with snow still blocking many of the places we ride in the dead of summer. We had more snow this year in the high country. However, before the heat sets in, the low country has plenty to offer I reckon.

Camped in the same quiet spot as 3 years ago on Cottonwood Crk just off Juniper/Mud Flat road. Next day we ended up with neighbors. Sheesh, the place is getting popular.

White spot is our camp among the Junipers and brush way over there.

On day 1 we start out by visiting the Hanley Cabin. We were surprised as we thought this was a more modern or occupied cabin. Not so much but it was cool.

Love the old wood burning stove.

Place either had another cabin located "over there" or a shed which collapsed or fell down.

From here we followed some barely visible 2 track through the meadow and Juniper Forest. One of these trails led us to this little reservoir.

No fish or swimming to be had here though it looks refreshing in the photo.

Find a survey marker of the reservoir. "Ted" reservoir. I'm guessing it's named after one of the local ranches. I know Ted is the first name of one of the ranches.

On our way to a geocache, we ride around the back side of Grave Creek Res. This reservoir is right next to Juniper Mtn. road though we are on a trail on the other side.

As we arrive at the geocache Mrs. Admiral is happy I haven't gotten us lost.

Parked the TW's and headed up the hillside to grab the cache.

The climb up the hill was short and steep but we found what we came looking for hidden behind the rocks below the cliff.

The hike up the hillside for me was like scaling Mount Everest. I need to get in better shape.

The treasure!

Off to our next trail. A loop along Grave Crk to upper Cottonwood Crk, to lost trails and re-found trails

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Up the creek so-to-speak.

With an unknown to us reservoir behind us we see a cute couple through the trees

Further up the creek I spot an old cabin from years go by.

Had some history inscribed on the cabin above the door. For you young'ins these probably seems like ancient history.

After riding some not so visible trails for a while and being re-routed by no trespassing signs, we find the trail, lets say, um...not visible at all!

But I lead on and eventually reconnected with the trail we were looking for. Mrs. Admiral may have some comments of her own about this section!:eek:

Lets just say we ended day 1 back at camp!

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Great ride report Kris!! I'm so proud of little Miss Lori too!! :p

But Kris!!! What was in the Geocache?? And what did you put in it or take from it?? :rolleyes:

You know I love those!!! :D
3 of the 4 caches we found for the weekend were from the same fellow and I have better pictures of the contents coming up. I think I took a U.S. Flag pin and placed a TW sticker back.

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Our plan for day 2 is to ride to the top of Juniper Mtn., take a right on a trail we've not ridden and see where it leads us.

Someone has placed newer geocaches on the mountain since our last visit to Juniper Mtn. 3 years ago. We find this cache before we turn off on the trail we're looking for.
It's not hot yet, but I still feel uncomfortable reaching into these places. I should use a stick or something just in case sneaky snake is protecting the property.

Most of the contents in this cache are the same as the last one. Mostly packages of items from old army MRE's (Meals-Ready-to-Eat). I have a different non-family oriented name for MRE's just so you know. Also, each cache has had a package of rubber fishing worms. No use up here for them but someone someday could probably use them.

"Head West Young Man". We turned right off Juniper Mtn./Bull Basin road and headed west.

As you can tell, there wasn't much traffic on the trail. Not now or in the recent past except it looks like an ATV/UTV had ridden here somewhat recent. But only 1, not a heard!

I can confirm there are no horses in Horse Flat. Trail is hard to come by in spots as well.

I scout a swampy section

Upon my return I report we can proceed but it will be a little damp.

We find a Grizzly in Southwest Idaho!!

Many miles down the trail near a tricky spot in the trail we spot this ATV. We think it's abandoned/stolen 'er sump'in. The engine is ice cold, no personal belongings, and to boot there are no recent tire tracks, not on the trail or where this was parked just off the trail. There are no markings, license plate, off-road sticker, not nothing to help us identify this Yamaha Grizzly. The key was in it and though it cranked I didn't crank it for more than a second so don't know if it was broken down or not either. Weird, just seems way out of place the way we found it.

View into Oregon nearish Three Forks. You can see the river canyons. Three Forks is where the North Fork, Middle Fork and main Owyhee Rivers meet. We did ride into Oregon from here for a bit before encountering the private ranch road and the no trespassing signs.

To finish out a long day of riding we ride a trail we rode yesterday in reverse and past this unnamed reservoir. Lots of these stock reservoirs all over the place. And here we thought it was a desert. This time we able to stay on the trail the whole time.

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Day 3 and the Grasshopper Jeep Trail.

Corral along Mud Flat road on our was to Grasshopper trail.

While we were sitting on the TW's after just passing through a fence in the photo above, we see this lone Antelope coming trotting in our direction.

We keep still and it doesn't see us. We are downwind as well

Starts to "sneak" under the fence

So, is the grass greener on the other side of the fence on Grasshopper Trail?

Antelope bolted soon after looking at us and I waved. We saw many Antelope on this weekends ride

While we thought Grasshopper trail continued, it didn't. Of course we didn't know that until we rode down and up through this rocky creekbed.

You have to hike to the next geocache from here. While it's really pretty there is no trail and lava rock boulders are everywhere.

Mrs. Admiral snaps a photo of me down by the cache

Someone put a lot of work into this cache.

I forgot to take a photo of the contents of the cache. I don't remember what the trade item was I got but I left a TW sticker.

There were "flocks" of these pretty flowers on the way to the cache. They are about the size of your nail on your pinky finger. Very small.

After Grasshopper trail we rode up part of Juniper on another lesser used trail.

One can miss a lot when on the main roads

We then headed south and veered left towards Rough Mtn.

We rode through several places with burnt up Juniper Tree's from the 2007 fires which swept through this area. These are the ghosts of the Juniper Tree's

Juniper Tree Cemetery

The day was getting long so we used this geocache find as our turn around point on the day

View towards Red Canyon from the cache. You can see the "gray-white" burnt Juniper trees

More MRE stuff in this one. I traded a TW sticker for a Boise State University (BSU) Bronco Football pin

On our way back to camp on Juniper Mtn. road near the Payne Cabin I discovered the new Ceros tire had rubbed a hole in my tool tube. Mrs. Admiral saw my spare wire hanging out the hole so here I'm repacking the tool tube so stuff like hammers don't fall out.

It was another long day of riding and not long after we ate we hit the sack for some well deserved sleep.

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Day 4 and Three Forks

After riding across the desert we dropped down into the Three Forks Canyon area.

Boring to get here but well worth the effort

And the temperature rose from about 65 degrees on the canyon rim to about 80 degrees down in the bottom.

Must have been an old ranch down here. Quick www search didn't mention anything but I'm sure with harder research something would appear.

Mrs. Admiral has she arrives down in the canyon

Yeah, it felt hot as soon as we stopped

But we made it

Looks hot too

We cooled off by riding and splashing in the water up the canyon a ways

Well, it's time to leave the canyon and head back home.

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But instead of heading back to the truck to load up the via the main road, Mrs. Admiral spy's a "shortcut".

May not have been a shortcut, but we did end up having some fun on it. You'll have to watch the video's to see all the fun we had!


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Lori and Kris sure do a wonderful job of exploring the roads less traveled and then sharing with us with good enough descriptions to feel like we're there. Great stuff!
Eventually would like to hear Lori's impression of TWing compared to her prior experiences with the ATV. She has enough saddle time now to make some valuable observations.

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Ha, ha, Admiral. Just when I'm sitting here thinking "What a Gentleman" for riding Lori's bike through the mud, the next scene shows you tormenting the bull, and then taking off, leaving her behind on a pink bike with an angry bull getting ready to charge.
Like I tell Mrs Trip, "I don't need to outrun the bear, I only need to outrun you..." :D

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Ha, ha, Admiral. Just when I'm sitting here thinking "What a Gentleman" for riding Lori's bike through the mud, the next scene shows you tormenting the bull, and then taking off, leaving her behind on a pink bike with an angry bull getting ready to charge.
Like I tell Mrs Trip, "I don't need to outrun the bear, I only need to outrun you..." :D

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