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FYI...just changed my oil, 1700 Miles. Out of the litre that I put in I drained approximatey 750 ml. The oil was very black.

Nothing in the oil drain plug filter. Oil filter did have small black particles that I blew out.

Total mileage on the bike is 3400 miles. Total oil changes since new = 5.

Replaced oil with Mobile MX4T Synth. Engine quieter, upshifts smoother.

Using Gunk Liquid Wrench Industrial Chain Lube. Is this any good?

The plug still looks like a lean burn but no other lean burn symptoms. I have no way, at the moment, to know if the bike is running too hot.

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I'm still on my stock chain and have used a variety of chain lubes and never really noticed any adverse difference. Per Lzrdbrth's advice, I now use ATF. Smells a little, but works pretty good. I once used WD-40 cause it was the only thing I had on hand at the moment. Didn't do very well in dusty conditions, so will only use it to clean after a ride now.
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