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Just got my first TW

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Hi everyone just got my first TW out of a farmers barn about a week ago. Got it home with the 2 mice that lived in the air box. Took it apart cleaned it up drained the fuel, Took the carb apart and cleaned it up with carb clean and alot of elbow greese. The tank is a mess. Oh ya before I forget It's a 1987 TW 200 only has 4300 km. I know there is alot of good info here. Thanks for having me.
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Welcome Lido, Tell us where you are from. Its important to knowing what kind of mice you found in the air cleaner. Its also good to know whose close to you with info, parts sources, and or support on technical issues. Why not add your general locality to your signature line (done through the profile). If your tanks nasty, clean it well and add a fuel filter in the fuel line or you will be back into that carb again and again. Good luck. Tom
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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