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JUST ordered my JIMBO SHILED!!!!

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Pretty much as the title states haha. I am just excited! I got it in dark grey because I think that would look good on my 03'. I keep seeing all these comments about top speed gain is this true? I just ordered mine for looks but that would be a bonus! I could see it helping just because if the bike was in one of those wind tunnels i could see this helping the bike throw more wind over the top of me rather than hitting me dead on creating drag. Idk i am 6'3 on a TW200 so as you can imagine i stick up off the bike pretty far.
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Jimbo's shields are great, you'll love it. Speed increase? I didn't notice it, but it does help to keep bugs out of my face and looks very very good!
That looks great!
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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