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JUST ordered my JIMBO SHILED!!!!

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Pretty much as the title states haha. I am just excited! I got it in dark grey because I think that would look good on my 03'. I keep seeing all these comments about top speed gain is this true? I just ordered mine for looks but that would be a bonus! I could see it helping just because if the bike was in one of those wind tunnels i could see this helping the bike throw more wind over the top of me rather than hitting me dead on creating drag. Idk i am 6'3 on a TW200 so as you can imagine i stick up off the bike pretty far.
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well thats great then kenfyoozed! I am just excited about the wind shield, like i said before a speed gain is a great bonus!
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old white truck - hahah thats pretty much the same joke we play on the dirt rider forum with new members. Except its about power band colors.

Kwizard - I havent heard that joke in a while and its still funny!
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IT ARRIVED!!! Seriously james has super fast shipping. That thing got here quick. I will have pics up tomorrow even though i am sure 90% of you know what a jimbo shield looks like on a T-dub haha.
It looks great and his packing job was really professional, highly recommend.
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Here are some finishing pics. I took it on a 60 mile little cruise up in La Cresta / santa rosa plateau after I got back from the track (motocross). It was a blast and perfect riding weather both when i was at the track and on the road. perfectly sunny and 72.F it was awesome. Anyways heres the following mods i did:

Jimbo wind shield

Pro taper ATV-HI bend

ODI grips

Bridgestone 203/204 street tires

DG exhaust

Needle shim mod

CV hole slide dill mod

Power madd hand gaurds

street pro CFS mirrors

Yamaha Rear rack

Weather pro cover

JT sprocket/chain kit

New Seat cover (factory)

and i am sure there is some other stuff anyways heres the pics:

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LOL. Yeah serious kudos to JIM he really makes a great product I am very please. I do agree after having the shield it gets up to speed quicker (less wind drag). Because I got on the freeway today and I hit 65mph faster then before. I am doing 55mph in 4th gear at 3/4 thottle so the only time I hit 5th is the freeway now.
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You guys are funny the stuff you think of haha. I love my T-dub! When i bought the TW i was seriously thinking this bike was gonna be a bike I keep for a few months then re-sell. But after modding it to my liking I dont see myself getting rid of it. I Love that its a very simplistic motor that i can rebuild/fix anything on it if something breaks. Its just a great bike overal
and I cant believe I had never heard of one of these up till a few months ago. And thanks R80RT I love the new jimbo shield
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hey "rain will fall" the mirrors i purchased off e-bay and thats the brand the seller said they were. I googled them as well and couldnt find them ether. I think they are just china mirrors ya know. and CFS stands for carbon fiber style. anyways heres the exact mirrors different seller:

Bar end CFS mirrors
Yes they are bridgestones. I have only been on gravel twice and that was to get up my friends drive way so not to much, sorry.
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Thanks Kwizard, looks like you got your answer "omm"
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No problem man, and Thanks like i said before I am going for that super moto style looks and think I have came pretty close. My last 2 thing are on there way after market pegs and shifter. But yeah I loke the way my bike looks and feels now.
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