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Just purchased a 99 TW200

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Well I just got me a '99 tw200. I have been wanting one for sometime and finally had some cash at the right time. Ill post pics when I can. My background on bikes has mainly been on ATVs and I had a ct70 clone that had a 125cc engine that i just loved. We lived in a small town and it was great for riding around and just putting around. We have since moved out a ways from town and the main rd now is a HWY, so i sold my ct70's before we moved out here. But since them i wanted something that was more poweful but gave me that same feeling. The big cruisers didnt do i for me, but this tw200 sure did. Just got her ome and wouldnt you know its raining. I still went for a little ride anyways. I cant wait to finish my shop and to start doing the mods. This little beauty will basically be used on pavement more than dirt, but i dont want to give up the off roadability. I love the Hollow mod look and will probably go that route. I have lots of questions and will search for answers before i ask, as im sure they have all been asked before. Great site, and i hope it helps me........
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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