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Here's what I sent. Maybe y'all could do something similar.


I, and a million other Yamaha TW200 owners are in a bit of a pinch. You see; there is only the choice of three tires available as a rear tire replacement. Two are by Bridgestone, and one by Shinko; all in size 180/80-14. Two are street tires, and one is a dual sport tire. We need more choices in quality tires. I for one; would like a universal tire such as your Schwalbe HS. Others would like an aggressive off-road tire. Some of these people have resorted to using ATV tires. A very dangerous proposition; but it does show the length with which some are willing to go. This motorcycle has a large following that is worldwide. I think it would be good business; with a ready made customer field, for which to open a new line of tires. This little bike has been made; almost unchanged, since 1987. It deserves more choices for tires. I'm just saying............


Larry Degel

Proud owner of an '03 TW200
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