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I feel your pain.
Regardless of which route you take to get on the north side of the river there should be lots of free and open access riding areas on the way, much less regulated than San Diego County. South Rim can have snow closures in spring time too, but lower elevations on way up have given me good forest service road explorations and camping.

Hopefully your Kaibob Plateau plans work out. If not there is time to think of a Plan B.
Riding on tribal lands can be a rewarding less crowded experience than your home region can offer. Here is a place you can give the Indians money to lessen any cultural guilt...places like this are not cheap but worth it.The Grand Canyon West Skywalk on Havasupai lands(SP?) is a good long ride into . Visited that when it first opened and parts still under construction. Walking on clean glass walkway underfoot pits mind over matter... you know you are safe but part of the brain wants to evoke a primal survival urge to flee.
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Nearby Peach Creek has the Diamond Creek road, one of but a few that goes down to Colorado River's edge.
Often used as a take-out point for comerical river trips I shared it with but a skunk overnight for only a $10 dollar permit purchased at tribal headquarters in Peach. Nice if you like a solitary experience, and the road challenges makes you feel like yo've earned right to overnight there.
Hualapai Tribe
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