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Kenda K270 / Shinko 244 Rear Tire - Requests

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It looks like the K270 and Shinko 244 (or IRC GP-1) are garnering considerable interest as a front tire on the TW200. Unfortunately as most of us know they don't make a rear tire (180/80-14) for our bikes. I have emailed both Shinko and Kenda (I couldn't find a decent contact for IRC) and they both responded in a similar and quite pleasant manner. To paraphrase, they currently do not have any plans to make the tires in that size, however they will consider it if there is significant demand. They confirmed that the address I sent it off to is an appropriate address to put in requests. As there currently isn't much available that is DOT legal with actual knobs (the TW34 I believe is more like blocks) I believe either company would be able to capture the attention of many of us who regularly venture off the paved roads. Not only have I been impressed with the value they offer with their products, I was more than impressed by how nicely they responded to the requests.

If you're interested in putting in a request, I followed the address off of the following pages:

For reference, here are the threads to the popular front tires, in case they get buried:

I also provided the links to the above pages to the respective companies, maybe they will follow along the threads/forums.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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