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Keyster Carb Kit

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I just installed the Keyster kit and I'm having some real problems. The bike ran fine before the kit but the float needle was shot. I bought the kit and have since also purchased a #40 pilot since the kit comes w/ a #38. It runs on choke but not well and when the choke is removed there is a backfire through the carb. It also takes a while to return to idle when rev'd. I thought it may be an air leak so I replaced the intake manifold, didn't help. I have had it off three times now inspecting everything, it all seems right.I am wondering now if it's running rich and needs the needle lowered.

Has anyone else used these kits?

Is the jet really the size of a TK #116?

What needle clip setting have others used?

Anyone have suggestions on things to check/recheck?

1989 (all stock)
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Keyster kits have been a crapshoot. Be sure to report your findings once you figure out what went wrong.

The older carbs do in fact use either a 114 or 116 main. Whether or not the Keyster 116 translates to a TK 116 is anyone's guess, but if it does having the clip settings is a plus.
I'd recomend laying the two needles side-by-side and using whichever needle groove corresponds closest to stock height as a starting point.

A word of caution: Be VERY careful taking carb advice on this board (or any other) as gospel. Make sure the mods being discussed pertain to YOUR carb. Most of the mods discussed here pertain to the later CV carb. If you replace/shim/ over-richen the pilot jet on an older slide carb it will quit like a rented horse.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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