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Kick Start Installation Advice Needed

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One of my first attempts at wrenching my new-to-me 2009 T-dub is to install a kick start kit from North Bay Yamaha. Unfortunately, I'm evidently a slow learner and need a bit of advice.

After removing the pressure plate from the clutch basket, I attempted to use a 24mm socket to allow removal of the clutch basket. No good, the entire bolt spun (probably, I now believe, because the engine was in neutral). At that time, though, I braced off of one of the 4 posts into which the springs and bolts that hold the pressure plate in place. Snapped off the post (btw, a new one costs $54 from the good folks @ North Bay Yamaha).

At this juncture, I can't seem to get the engine out of neutral. Tried turning the engine by hand - no go. Replaced the pressure plate (with the 3 remaining bolts & springs)& turned engine over - likewise, no go.

Any suggestions to 1) Get engine in gear, so I can then 2) remove the clutch basket?

Also,during all this a single large ball bearing (approx 7 mm) appeared on the ground. Any suggestions where this might belong?

Thanks for any suggestions. Learning new stuff is fun. Learning the hard way, less so. Time for an attitude adjusting 12oz., I guess. Happy Friday, y'all.
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Thanks, that's an offer I can't refuse! You're a hero, bro.

I'd be stoked to bring my bike up to wherever you are, at your convenience (excepting Mother's Day brunch - the cost would be far too high ...).

Let me know. I'd say PM me, but as yet I'm not sure how that works.
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Brock is right - TW Brian is a generous, stand-up guy. Helped me, a total stranger, for several hours in his shop sorting out the kick starter.

Thanks, Brian. And Brock, for inside info on thanking Brian.

Brian's clutch holding tool worked great. I imagine a C-clamp visegrip would also work. From my several early attempts, though, I don't think I could have held the clutch basket firmly enough for an impact driver to release the 24mm nut. It was on pretty tight. Also, spring clip pliers were super helpful (necessary?) to remove & install the second gear needed for the kick start.

Removing the old engine gasket required grinding it off with an abrasive pad available at the local auto parts store.

All's well that ends well. Learned a lot. Thanks for the input.
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