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Hey All,

Well, my first post is in the classifieds. Joined back in early April after purchasing a low mile (452 mi) 2013. Great site and I value all the info (and camaraderie) available within.

Here's the story:

While out riding with my two boys at the local SVRA, a gentleman approached me and asked a few questions about the TW. Seems he'd been looking for a nice one for awhile and made me a $ offer. I told him I was not interested in selling at this time and then he made another $! offer that I couldn't really refuse.

So, what I have to sell are the parts for installing the kick start mechanism (the new owner was not interested in them).

The part #'s are from the list Mad Dawg J posted (thank you) and I ordered them May 5th from Price is $249.00 (netting me a sweet 8 cent profit!) and I'll cover shipping anywhere in the contiguous 48 US states (Hawaii, Alaska or other far flung destinations may require extra $'s).

As an aside, I'll be buying a friends '99 TW (which I've been bugging him about for two years!).

Below is the parts list:

Order Details Ordered Ext. Price Shipped

15A-15651-01-00 GEAR,KICK IDLE (Yamaha Motor) $28.91 (1)
15A-15660-01-00 KICK AXLE ASSY (Yamaha Motor) $57.34 (1)
15A-15666-00-00 SPACER (Yamaha Motor) $5.01 (1)
36X-15641-00-00 GEAR,KICK (Yamaha Motor) $32.44 (1)
401-15676-00-00 COVER,SPRING (Yamaha Motor) $2.24 (1)
4BE-15462-00-00 GASKET,CRCS CVR 3 (Yamaha Motor) $13.18 (1)
54G-15620-01-00 KICK CRANK ASSY (Yamaha Motor) $78.13 (1)
90201-173F4-00 WASHER,PLATE (Yamaha Motor) $3.05 (1)
90201-175F6-00 WASHER,PLATE (Yamaha Motor) $2.03 (1)
90209-17226-00 WASHER,SPECL SHAP (Yamaha Motor) $2.69 (1)
90214-17028-00 WASHER,CLAW (Yamaha Motor) $2.37 (1)
90215-14186-00 WASHER,LOCK (Yamaha Motor) $4.18 (1)
90338-18014-00 PLUG,SPECL SHAPE (Yamaha Motor) $2.93 (1)
90468-26122-00 CLIP (Yamaha Motor) $3.05 (1)
90508-26538-00 SPRING,TORSION (Yamaha Motor) $4.08 (1)
93102-17263-00 OIL SEAL,SD-TYPE (Yamaha Motor) $4.36 (1)
97017-08030-00 BOLT,HEXAGON (Yamaha Motor) $1.16 (1)
99009-17400-00 CIRCLIP (Yamaha Motor) $1.77 (3 @ $0.59)

Subtotal: $248.92
Tax: $0.00
Order Total: $248.92

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I was working sales at a Honda/Yamaha dealer in 1987 when the TW's first appeared. The owner ordered 8 of them. Yamaha cleared 4 to be used for demo rides.
We invited a half dozen customers, loaded the 4 onto the shop truck/trailer on an early Sunday morn and took them up to the Forest Hill OHV area.

I spent quite a bit of time on one that day and it did not fail to impress. It scrambled up any hill I would point it at. One area it really shined was on the tight manzanita trails. That TW carved thru them with ease and literally walked away from two riders on regular enduro scoots (the next open straightaway ended that fun).

We certainly sold quite a few over the years. They were also popular bikes for use in the CMSP/MSF courses here in CA.

There's a reason they've lasted this long in the Yamaha sales brochures :).
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