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Took the KLR out for a ride today, anxious to test out the new Dunlop 606 knobby on the rear. It was awesome to be able to get that big hawg through some mud. Before the tire change, the old well worn dual purpose tire was treacherous even on the yard, forget the trails. On pavement the new Dunlop worked OK, couldn't do hard take offs from stop signs without wheel spin. Took paved corners a little cautiously.

First dip I hit, I heard the "bottomed out on the skid plate" sound but didn't feel the spine jarring and I didn't think I hit it that hard. Second dip, I heard the same thing but I knew nothing bottomed. Stopped the bike and this pic shows what I found. Tire grabbed the license plate and wrapped it under the fender. Oh well, just bend it back and flare it out a little to give it some clearance.


This leads to one of my favorite trails!:D



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