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Largest Jet Size

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I've been wondering what is the largest main jet size anyone has used for elevations less than 2000 feet.

I do understand there are other factors involved and that each TW will respond differently.

Or what size do you think I might get away with. I'm going to drill some,

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Bigger isn't always better. I've the got stock exhaust on my TW, and it had a 132.5 in it when I forst got it. It ran really nice, and could hit 70 with a little patience and flat ground. Throttle response wasn't the best, but I attributed that to this bike have 30-90 hp less then my other bikes. I swapped out the 132.5 for a 130 and while I may have lost 2 or 3 mph at the top end, the rest of the range feels much better. The bike responds quicker to throttle inputs, it "feels" better throughout the range, and my gas mileage has gone up quite a bit. I wish I would have done this much sooner.

Thanks. That the kind of info I'm seeking .

I guess I should have mentioned that I'm currently running a 130 with the pilot out 2 3/4 turns and stock exhaust.

My TW seems to run exactly as you describe yours. I'm just looking for a little more power for the longer hills, but it may

be doing the best it's going to.

BTW: The difference in hole size between a 130 and a 132.5 is only 1-1/1000 of an inch. I find it amazing that would

make any difference at all. Neat stuff , isn't it ?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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