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Enjoyed the visit with my dad at his assisted living facility.
He treated me to dinner Mon night, breakfast & dinner Tue, at his "home".
Decent food.
I took him out for lunch on Tue (Chili Colorado at Mission Burrito).
He has a kidney shot each Tue and that tires him out, but we played several games of RummiKube and he won most!
His body is declining, but his mind is still sharp at 91.

Tad cool going through Mountain Pass, Monday morning, about 38 F.
I can't say I was comfortable, but neither was I particularly uncomfortable.
Freeze-Out thermals from Cycle Gear work well, as well as heavy Merino wool hiking socks from REI.
My lightly lined deerskin gloves are marginal for cooler weather.

This morning, leaving just after sunrise, it was cooler and overcast skies blocked the feel of the sun.
The rest area along highway 58 near Boron, CA has hot air hand dryers and it was welcome!

Fueling in California is not as convenient (and more expensive) than NV, AZ or UT...having to pull back the fume recovery bellows, while levering handle.
Did not fuel there, but 87 octane at Interstate 15 and Cima Road (north of Baker) was $4.49 per gallon (typical for Death Valley), whereas most stations in Baker are $3.99.

After fueling in Barstow, I made to it NV before the next fuel stop (cheaper and easier).

711.3 miles Mon-Wed.
Trip computer shows 47.2 MPG (actual 47.42 MPG) on a total of 15.0 gallons. Median speed close to 80 MPH (going with the flow, for the most part)

5583 miles on the CB1100.

After getting home, it was good to be active, so I lubed the chain (785 miles since last service on 27 Feb).
Got 7 services from one can of Dupont Chain Saver.

No scenic photos, sorry.

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Yeah, I wanted to see the Chili Colorado.
It was excellent!
Took a photo (flip phone) of fish tacos at Rubios in Adelante, to send to my wife...who was not too happy at being left behind, but she ended up watching 6 of our grandkids on Monday. Son took off work so he and his wife could take more steps towards the adoption of their 4th child (by age). They have been her guardians for 6 of her 9 years.

On the subject of food, I stopped at IKEA in Las Vegas on the way home, yesterday (lots of stretch breaks) and bought 8 of their chocolate bars for son's family (6 kids, 13 to 5). They are 3 for $2.79, so I HAD to buy 9, but one did not make it home!
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