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I've got a California TW, 2001 or so bike. Does anybody have the float valve adjustment dimension in the carb? (I'm guessing it is from the base of the carb to the top (when the carb is upside down)(bottom when the bike is upright) of the float. I tried to download the service manual, but I'm at work and they don't allow me to go there.



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Yeah, you got it right. Here's the specs.

<from the manual supplement for late model bikes>

2. Measure:

• float height a

Out of specification → Adjust.

Float height (F.H.):

10 ~ 11 mm (0.39 ~ 0.43 in)

a. Hold the carburetor in an upside down position.

b. Measure the distance from the front mating

surface of the float chamber (gasket

removed) to the top of the float.


The float arm should be resting on the needle

valve, but not compressing it.

<end cut/paste>
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