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i know most guys here are not fans of hollow mods and like to add racks, tubes, shields etc…..well i'm not into trails or off roading..i prefer to remove stuff…..

this bike was bought for $ ran but was just in need of TLC…..i threw away all the plastics, exhaust, lights, switches, indicators, fenders and just kept the stuff i needed.

refreshed the valves, new rings, gaskets, all good but didn't bother to check my torque wrench and snapped a head bolt!!!!, my thai friend was able to weld a bolt on to the end and slowly work it out..thank god..he asked for 50thb which is less than $1….i gave him $10!

re-wired all PO's previous taped up bodge jobs so that all electrics worked properly, cut away air box just leaving battery holder, new clutch springs, re-zinced all bolts etc….New head bolts!, new lights and indicators, CRF light switch, new throttle housing, seat cover, rear tire,

had a huge hole in the tank brazed…..prepped all the parts for painting and painted, i decided to lacquer the bike when with all the basic parts fitted because i want to see if it stops the zinced parts from dulling, i was pleased with the finsh and its all nice n shiny, then re-built it….job done, just waiting to get some trailway decals for the tank, i would like the 2007/15 style so will talk to my printer friend.


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