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leaking smurf

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I changed the oil and filter out on my new to me 1989 smurf(intro-ed here) last Saturday.

Rode it pretty good off road then noticed a leak that appears to be coming from the cam sprocket cover on the cylinder head.

So I am trying to decide how far to go with this.

"Don't fix what isn't broke" vs "ounce of prevention..." kind of dilemma.

I am thinking I will go with a Athena Complete Engine Gasket Kit from bike bandit, and just replace the one leak-er now and have the others ready to go when problem encountered.

So questions-

Does this seem like a reasonable strategy or should I just bite the bullet and replace them all?

Does anyone have experience with this particular gasket kit or any other to share?
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Mine did that so I replaced it and the leaked stopped. Its just a simple o-ring. My tappet covers leaked as well and new o-rings solved the issue. I wouldn't replace all the gaskets, I'd just do the ones that leak.

Rainmans' right!....why do everything,unless you REALLY want too?.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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