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i have a 2005 tw and i am swapping out the oem blinkers for LED ones.

i bought the led blinker relay

and it seems like a simple plug and go relay. problem is the blinkers just go solid 'on' when switched to left or right. i called custom led and they said that the relay registers at very low amps so i shouldnt have any problem with the blinking. the wiring harness is untouched and i have not had any shorts or problems.

any suggestion on why the led's will not blink? i know some on here have used the custom led ELFR-1 relay. what have you found?
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i figured it out.

when using the led flasher you need to replace the bulbs in the turn signal indicator lamp on instrument cluster to an led bulb. the wiring harness runs tru the instrument indicator and thus cancels the relay.

1- change led turn signals

2- buy an led flasher relay

3- change indicator lamp bulb to led

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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