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Led Lights

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I've been pondering the idea of putting on a led auxiliary light on the 98 tw. Anyone on here used the LEDs or have an led headllight? Been thinking about one model 30 which is a 1500 lumen 10 watt or one of the 44's which is 2000 lumen at 24 watts I believe. I have a single led 200 lumen headlamp that I use for caving/hunting and it's amazing how much of a difference it makes at night. If I don't do the led auxiliary light or led headlight I'm might just try out the silverstar and see if the harness doesn't melt. I did do the switch mod so I can turn of the light if not needed.. Oh another question. If you run the switch in the middle with the stock bulb I'm guessing it's putting out 70watts? I have done this at nights few times on the tw and alot on the sv with no dead batty or melting. Input and ideas are welcome.
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I'm thinking I will try the auxiliary led light and only use it at night. I I'm pretty sure the 10watt .85amp one would ok if I'm not at an idle and maybe the 24watt. I'd rather spend 60 bucks trying that than $25+ plus that will only last a short while. That's less watts then both beams on with the stock bulb. If the ol tw doesn't like it then im sure the sv will.
I was curious about the piaa's. They have a 35wmbulb that's suppose to be pretty bright. Anyone use this one "Hs1 35w super plasma gtx says it's 5000k"
Looks like the piaa 35w super plasma gtx might be in my future. I read some reviews on scooter forums and people say they are definitely brighter than the stock 35w. Heck who knows if I find a killer deal this winter on a newer tw I might go that route and swap all the goodies off of mine and sell the 98 in the spring. It's amazing what a few months of cold weather will do to people. The first warm day in the spring and bikes start selling like hot cakes!
They probably do! I ordered a piaa super "duper" plasma gtx 35w bulb. I found one on amazon for $32 shipped. Most places wanted $40-50. It's only $5 more than what autozone wants for a silverstar ultra which I shouldn't use anyway. Hopefully it's a bit brighter than the stock, that's all i need considering i very rarely ride at night. Looks like a new battery is next on the list in the spring. I bought one of the cheap scooter batteries that qwerty linked on here a while back. I can't complain it lasted the whole year.
1 - 6 of 31 Posts
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