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Led Lights

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I've been pondering the idea of putting on a led auxiliary light on the 98 tw. Anyone on here used the LEDs or have an led headllight? Been thinking about one model 30 which is a 1500 lumen 10 watt or one of the 44's which is 2000 lumen at 24 watts I believe. I have a single led 200 lumen headlamp that I use for caving/hunting and it's amazing how much of a difference it makes at night. If I don't do the led auxiliary light or led headlight I'm might just try out the silverstar and see if the harness doesn't melt. I did do the switch mod so I can turn of the light if not needed.. Oh another question. If you run the switch in the middle with the stock bulb I'm guessing it's putting out 70watts? I have done this at nights few times on the tw and alot on the sv with no dead batty or melting. Input and ideas are welcome.
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The fuse for the headlight is bigger than the use for several other systems implying it uses more power. I'd like to do 2 things. Build an LED headlight myself. (Who cares if its 100% legal or not) Also add a switch to disable it during the day. I want tail lights during the day, but the head light seems useless. Although I haven't been on one yet, maybe it does really help make you more visible.

If 4000watt hours - 40 miles then 100 watt hours = 1 mile. At 50 watts, in an hour you could gain an extra half mile. Doesn't seem like much, but its 1025% increase in range. When you drive 50,000 miles you didn't pay for over 500 miles. It all adds up.
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