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LED turn signal heads up

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Just swapped to LED turn signals on the bike (tusk mini-stalk rear, tusk d-flex handguard mounted in front)

My wife thought it was pretty funny when I got them all wired up and had her come out to tell me if she thought the handguard mounted front signals were bright enough... because I had inadvertantly turned my signal lights into 4way flashing hazards.

All the signal lights front/rear would blink simultaneously, no matter which side was selected with the switch. At first it seemed like maybe a short or something, but after digging into the wiring a little, it was an "easy" but quite unexpected fix.

If you swap to LED turn signals and electronic flasher, and you find all signals flashing at once, the issue is the turn signal indicator bulb. It is bridging the circuit between left and right signal, and giving power to all four lights at once.

Have not consulted tw200 wiring diagram, but unplugging the indicator bulb from the harness fixed the issue. There are documented cases of this same problem and resolution online, for yamaha xs650 bikes and suzuki gsxr bikes, and I was able to verify the bridged circuit on their wiring diagrams.

This is not something I have seen mentioned regarding tw200, but please be aware that it could happen, maybe even when you are trying to justify expenses to your wife
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I seem to recall reading that the easy fix was to install an electrical one way valve on each of the wires going to the indicator light.

I am not sure but I think it is called a diode?

Does that sound correct to those of you who understand electronics?
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