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Leds and dimmer install

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First i removed the instrument panel and unplugged it from the harness. Then i traced out the panel on a piece of flat aluminum .

Then i used a 3M double sided sticky foam to hold the dimmer to the new aluminum panel. The dimmer is very close in size to the stock instrument panel.

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Next i put my velcro clock on the dimmer box. Then i mounted the 12volt plug in on the front of the new toggle switch panel. The led dimmer comes with a waterproof remote control that lets you turn off the leds while on low beam and dim then to your prefered setting. If you set them at say 30% then turn them off, when you turn them back on they will be a the same setting you left them. Now anytime you hit the high beams the led's come on full power with the brights and they are not adjustable when on with the brights and thats one reason i wired in a toggle so i can turn them off if needed. I put the controller on mykey chain and put velcro on the back of it and on the toggle panel where it is sitting in the pic so the controller will stay put when riding.

How and where did you wire the the 12v plug into? Any chance to get a picture?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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