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Local wildlife pic

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I came across this rascal yesterday on one of my regular loops. Stopped long enough for a few pics and to escort it safely across the road.

It's been a surprise to me that I have not seen more of them this year.

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Sure looks healthy.

Here is one gal (I have been told it is a female) I nearly ran over but didn't. As far as I know she is alive and well.

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Tony, Is that snake with the barbershop tail from your area of California (i.e. north of southern CA). I'm used to Pacific rattlesnakes not having nearly as distinct differentiation between the white and black rings on tail (usually its more like grey and black). Now if you were to tell me that snake is from coastal or foothill southern California, I'd say you have a nice red rattlesnake there. Curious minds want to know, if you want to share additional information on where it is from. Tom

I posted the picture once before 3 or 4 years ago and IGOFAR responded what type it was and its sex.

The picture was taken about 20 miles north of Santa Cruz about 75 yards from a cliff which at the bottom was the Pacific Ocean so it was right on the coast.

I will search and see if I can find when I first posted the picture. It seems to me "Oregon" was in the name of the type of snake it is.

Found it:

from the old forum.. Back then my name was "Elime".


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