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After my trip Saturday, which involved multiple river crossings and a few mud pits, the bike won't start cold.

mud picture thread

I Rode to a village up the cost and the trip required a few river crossings. one was deep enough that although the intake was well above the water line, it stalled halfway across. We pushed it the rest of the way through the river and let it dry over lunch.

When we came back the bike did not want to turn over. I opened the airbox to see if it was flooded but thankfully it was dry.

My friend bill said that it is common for steam to get in the intake on deep river crossings and bead up in and around the jet. He recommended we tap on the carburetor with a screw driver while cranking it as that can help jostle loose a bead of water around the jet. At this point I was really wishing I had installed the kick-start kit already because the battery had suffered quite a few start attempts and there was no way we were going to bump start this thing anywhere near where we were. I prayed for a little divine intervention, tapped the carburetor with a screw driver handle, turned it over, and it started right up.

The bike ran well all the way home. I didn't notice any problem until the next morning when I tried to start it to go to church. When it is cold it takes about five long seconds of cranking to start, and then it runs fine. Once it has started, I can kill it, and it will start right up again. During that five seconds of cranking, the motor does not kick or sputter at all, it sounds like you have unplugged the spark plug. Then it just flutters to life and runs fine.

I cleaned the carburetor last night. By that I mean I removed jets, nozzle, and needle and sprayed with WD-40, then air. Unfortunately it did not change anything. There were a few drops of water in the carburetor when I first opened it up, apparently from condensation. The inside of the carburetor looked immaculately clean with little evidence of build up or contamination.

It seems like a fuel delivery problem in the carburetor, but I was going to do the easier stuff first.

I was going to change the spark plug,

then remove the inline fuel filter (skeptical on that being the problem because there is fuel in the bowl when it doesn't start)

then I was going to try to do a very thorough cleaning of the carburetor.

I leave in the morning for a week to do work for some missionaries on an island off the coast. All the fun troubleshooting will have to wait until I get back in a week.

the bike ran perfectly last week, and is a 2005 with 3000 miles on it.

other then that I don't know what to say.

any suggestions as to what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated.


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