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Hello all,

I have been lurking around for quite a while and have been looking to simplify my back road exploring a little. I have a well loved 2002 KLR 650 that has been my trusty companion on many adventures. I have taken it places I probably had no business going and had a great time doing it, but she is a big heavy girl, and I long for something smaller and lighter to explore on. Anyone looking to upsize that would be interested in working out a trade?

The specifics: (KLR lingo warning)

42k miles (still has a lot of life left)



Seat concepts seat

After market dash with 12v outlet and switch for accessories

new rear tire, front about 60%

new chain, new 16t front sprocket, new rear sprocket.

Happy trails center stand

Fly racing aluminum bars

uses some oil if run at higher RPM, pretty common.

very well maintained, but shows plenty of evidence of "love"

I would not hesitate to take this bike across the country

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My apologies for not getting back to those who responded to this at the time! I posted in a couple of places and then dropped the ball on this one. Wound up getting a Sherpa and then another street bike after that (sigh). What can I say, bike ADD. Anyway, sorry for leaving you guys hanging! Life got busy and I haven't been riding for a while but I am looking once again. I am enjoying the site and all of your posts.

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I'm surprised you remembered where you left off... haha

Good to have you back!! :D

Lol, yeah it was a while back. I just didn't feel right jumping back on here without addressing my old post. I hate open ended stuff :) Anyway, I'll post a proper intro.
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