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Hello...I'm new to the forum,first post...Here's my situation..I have a 2005 Yamaha Bruin 250,2 wheel drive,5 speed...that i'd like to trade for a real descent TW of the same year value ...the quad was purchased for my daughter 5 years ago brand new...And never really took it..So basicaly it's been sitting for the last 5 year's covered up in my is 98% condition...only exception to not being 100% is a heel scuff from my neice throughing her leg over the bike...And now the reason for the TW...My craigslist ad had mentioned that i'd like to trade for a motorcycle for myself and someone responded that they would trade their TW for the quad...but never came to look at no deal was made..But mean time I asked my daughter if she liked the TW and she has fell head over heels's for this bike.And ask's everyday if the person with the TW..So I told her I would get her a TW even if had to buy her a new one.

I dont know how to post pics on here so here's the link to craigslist.

I am willing to drive 200 miles or give or take if the right TW was available for a trade... please send me an email if you've got something of my interest...Thank's and sorry for such a long post... Bill
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