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Loose Dogs

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Yesterday was riding around the country roads near me and went down one which became a dead end, road turned into piles of dirt and sand when out of nowhere this huge dog comes growling and barking running toward me. (Unfortunately similar things have happened before).

As fast as I could in limited space and loose terrain I made a U-turn in first and hit it as fast as TW could get me out of there. I have outrun dogs many times before on other bikes but wasn't so sure the TW was faster than this big dog, so I tore out, surprisingly churning up the dirt, hit one of the small hills in the loose roadway, got a little air off that and then shifted and fishtailed out of there.

I was surprised how fast the TW got me out of there, maybe it was crapping it's pants too, but we left the dog way behind especially once I hit real pavement.

I also have a Suzuki VS1400 but even with it's power I could have never made the turn as quick as I did and not sure I would have stayed upright through the loose pavement, so hooray for the TW. Of course I may not have gone as far down the road with the Suzuki either

Damn dogs, I love animals but hate some of the owners. I once lived near a high-dollar home on a hill that used to leave their Doberman out and it chased me every time I went by there. I was tempted to dump my bike and sue them out of their house.
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It turns out that dogs know physics. They also have perfect pitch. They will hear an approaching motorcycle and begin calculating closing angle and velocity based on Doppler effect of the pitch. If you can't do a U turn next time, do this: roll off just as the dog takes off on his calculated closing angle. He gets to his calculated interception point and gets confused 'cause you aren't there yet. Then do wot and blow past him.

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