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Lost my chain!

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I have a new tdub and I just changed out the 50t rear sprocket for a 44t. It's a JT sprocket. I took 4 links out of the chain. I set up the tension on the chain and torqued the axle nut to 65 lbs. I tested it on the road and was really happy with the results. Then I decided to try the trails behind my house. On basically flat dirt and an easy 2 nd gear the chain fell off. It looks like th clip came off the the fastener link. As far as I can tell there is no damage. I know I'm extremely fortunate to not have torn up the clutch cover or locked up the rear wheel. The first thing I did was get it back up on the stand to see what I'd done wrong. The replaced rear sprocket is tight and seems fine. I had set the chain tensioners on 1. 2 seemed way too tight. In the course of inspection I found a slight amount of play in the front sprocket, but searching old posts on here I see that is probably normal (?).

So help me out here, please.

1. Could it be I just didn't get the clip on on the link properly and it fell off? Seemed okay, but maybe I damaged it when i took it off or put it on?

2. Should I worry about a slight amount of play in the front sprocket?

3. Could I have set the chain too tight? Maybe I should have gone with 119 links instead of 118? The tightener settings were both on "1."

Thanks in advance.

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New bike. 2012. I have an O ring chain on order. I was just to eager to try it out and couldn't wait!
The original chain should be easier to work with. When you get the new O-Ring chain, it's the compression of the O-Rings, combined with the supplied lube, that gets tricky. Sometimes it's easier to try to compress and halfway assemble the chain on the bench-to get a feel for it, before putting the chain on the bike. OM
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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