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Hi all, I will be posting photos as needed, but here is a list of everything I will have for sale from my 2009 TW200 with only 1300 miles. All of these parts are in excellent used condition unless otherwise noted. I will sell this stuff on a first come/first served basis, and I will calculate shipping on a person to person basis depending on where you live and what you buy. I based my prices on what these parts would cost new, minus a significant amount! If you do not see it listed here, I am likely not selling that part.


Front flasher light assembly LH: $30

Front flasher light assembly RH: $30

Headlight lens assy: $35

Headlight stay: $20

Headlight rim: $30

Headlight socket cover: $5

Swing arm: $150


Stock Chain: SOLD!

Battery: SOLD!

Airbox: SOLD!

Tail light complete: SOLD!

Rear flasher light assembly RH: SOLD!

Rear flasher light assembly LH: SOLD!

Rear Frame: SOLD!

Rear mud gaurd: SOLD!

License bracket: SOLD!

Front fender and mount, complete: SOLD!

Rear rubber pad: SOLD!

Exhaust Pipe and attached gaurds:SOLD!

Exhaust Header: SOLD!

Head Light Cowling: SOLD!

Clutch lever: SOLD!

Brake lever: SOLD!

Speedometer/Meter Assmebly: SOLD!

Chain gaurd: SOLD!

Seat: SOLD!

Side reflectors: SOLD!

Rear tire: SOLD!

Front tire: SOLD!

I will be listing a few other things as the pile grows. If anyone wants specific pics or descriptions, just reply here, but please send all offers to my PM box.

Thanks - Bart
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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