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Low Budget Hollow

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Hey Guys,

Here is the updated story on the 2002 TW I picked up in May.

I'm trying to keep this as low budget as possible. Here in Hong Kong I don’t have the nice big garage/tools I had in Canada. I worked with a local mechanic (guy who fix’d my power drop issue) to complete the hollow mod, and handle bar swap. The rest was done on the side of the road near my apartment.

This first post will show the following upgrade/changes

1. New tires - Bridestone TW31/34 - a much rougher ride, but they seem okay in the rain.

2. “DIY” Hollow mod kit

The tray was made in china for 50rmb – US$8.00

*Special thanks to dubstep who I PM’d for measurements – I was on a factory visit in china and hadn’t measured the bike before going – big thanks dubstep!!

Battery: Yuasa YT4B-BS – this thing is tiny and has enough juice to still push button start! 700HKD (US$90) Dubstep thinks I got taken here, said it should have been about US$64

K&N Air filter - RU-1780 – 300HKD (US$38)

K&N Oil Filter - 62-2480 – cheap (I forget price)

3. Handle Bar Swap – Protaper Honda mini (used e-bay 19.99 +shipping)

a lot of people go larger bars on the TW, but living in HK we’re can to weave through traffic, so having a harrower handle bar comes in really handy when traffic is congested or slow moving! I can zig zag much better now –

it takes me half the time it would in a car or taxi. Also, I can park in even tighter spaces.

4. Bike scrub down – she was very dusy and dirty, I think the previous owner did a bit of off road and never washed it.

5. DIY Black Automotive Spray Can - Frame and foot peddle touch up (Shifter, foot pegs, kick start, break and rusted spots on frame) $0, i had the paint at home from my BBQ clean up

6. DIY Swing arm rust cover up – This I’m not 100% satisfied with, but I feel it looks better then the rust mark. About 50HKD 8USD for paint and a light sand paper to clean up the rust..

I know that the spray can option isn’t the way to go, but I wanted a quick fix to hold me over until I have time/money to get items painted. Next step is to flat black the tank, swing arm, and fenders (Going to cut the front fender down and remove the badge on the gas tank). Followed by engine paint.

I call this my TW 1.5 right now. TW 2.0 pics should be up in Aug (after full painting)

As she sat the day I picked her up.

before hollow mod


New bars

Battery Tray, things just fit and I had to trim some excess material still.

very dirty after mod

first round of painting and wash

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Nerk, your bike looks great. I am a snob about keeping my TW looking dirt ready. But you make a street TW look good.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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