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Took the back roads from home to Ola, ID for lunch at the Ola Inn. Best Fish & Chips on Main St., so the sign said.

We liked it! Rode up in the hills for a few miles and then headed home. Kind of hot on the way home (94 F.).

Nice twisty Route took us through the old orchards area on South Slope Rd. through the Emmett Valley

Up & out of the valley on Frozen Dog Rd. to Shalerock Rd.

Was riding on the south side of the Payette River heading towards Montour, ID.

Headed north on the Sweet/Ola highway. Downtown Sweet, Idaho. Red building is the Post Office

Bunch of miles later we entered downtown Ola. Don't really have to worry about pedestrian traffic.

Arrived at Ola Inn. Sign said best fish & chips on Main St., so that's what we had for lunch. By the way, if you haven't guessed it there is no other place to eat.

Over the years we have passed by this place many times without ever stopping. We thought the place was closed down from time to time. Not so said the folks running the place. It's been in continuous operation since 1946, just sometimes you couldn't tell!

We headed up in the mountains after lunch to cool off. Was around 90 in the valley and climbing.

Looks hot and dry as we are headed back down to the valley.

Many ranches in Idaho, a lot along our ride as well

I like Root Beer! Looks very inviting on a hot day's ride. 94 F. now and I'm might thirsty. Not sure how this got here but interesting it is!

Time to cool off at the picnic area as we go back through Sweet on the way home.

Black Canyon Reservoir (part of the Payette River). How can it look so refreshingly cool and be 94 F. degrees at the same time? Tempting I'll tell you but it's getting late so we continue.

Hard to see in my "action camera still photo", but this is the dam

Sun is starting to get low as we're almost home. Still hot though!

And that was our lunch run. Pretty good ride.

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Looks like a good day. I'm missing Idaho already...wish we were there now. Its hot here, and really humid, too.
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