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Perhaps give it away before you cut the buckles off and install a Seat Concepts kit instead?
While many like the affordable Mad Dog I found it less comfortable than the stock seat, especially after a rain. Plus I think it looks bad, like a poor attempt to address a problem.
If one wishes to add something for additional height or padding putting it under the seat cover will at least look better ( that was my second attempt at improved seating after giving away Mad Dog and before upgrading to Seat Concepts.).
While pricy the Seat Concepts foam plus cover seems to double the time I can feel comfortable in the saddle.

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Tried the seat concept jobby in Moab 鈥 I was less than impressed (which genuinely surprised me)

A common 鈥渃ure鈥 is to chuck a sheepskin over the Coleman, but some people just take it too far 鈥..

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