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Maine or bust?

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OK you eastern riders.. My wife and I are heading your way in aug. We will be hauling our 20' camper,peddle bikes, and our dubs. Spending about 2 weeks.. Looking for some nice roads with some curves. Some two tracks without much sand.. Anyone have such a dream place in mind??? Cool campgrounds wood be a plus.. All those nice guiet states with lots of history.

Thanks in advance. OMM.
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Here's some info for Vermont:

My link

If you will be in the Western Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut area, Mrs. Trip and I would be happy to join you for a local ride.
Another suggestion: I don't know where you are coming from, but if you are interested in the Ocean...

Camp at Fisherman's Memorial State Park in Rhode Island:Fisherman's Memorial

Take the Tw's to Block Island on the ferry:Block Island Ferry

You can see the whole island in a day on the bikes...most of the roads are gravel, so the TW is the perfect way to get around.Block Island

Have lunch on the porch of the Island House Hotel. Visit Southeast Light southeast lighthouse

Once you get back to Galilee, have a seafood feast at Champlin's Champlin"s...1-1/4lb Lobster Dinner,...Mmm, Mmmm

Oh, and personaly, I'd take September over August...much less crowded.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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