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2022, not even out of warranty and I had to void it. And yes, this is as clean as it gets. Too busy riding it. That tire turns it into a tractor, basically anywhere an ATV can go, this has no trouble as long as the water doesn't go too much deeper than the seat.

My most memorable ride was two weekends ago. There was a huge rain storm approaching. I was exploring snowmobile trail, and ran into some hard packed snow. It was fairly easy to cross, but it was deep enough to worry me if I started breaking through a mile further down. So I decided to ride through a field that looked like it had recently been brush cut. I made it about half a mile down this field, bumping in and out of deep water filled holes and giggling at what wouldnt' stop me, when finally I jerked to a sudden stop. I couldn't push the bike forwards or backwards, so I layed it over to attempt to break suction.

Then I couldn't pick it up again! It was in a water filled hole, where if I applied force to the bars, it would shove my legs deeper into the ground instead. Finally I pulled out a section of webbing I had on hand, and standing on firm ground, pulled the bike upright. I was then able to ride away after noticing there was a huge stick bound up in the brake linkage. The only thing stopping me.

After I rode out, I discovered it was actually swamp, and it was settling from my own weight.

XT225 clark tank
Seat concepts tall seat
Custom trailer wheel hub machined by me
Bighorn 2.0 tire
LEDs everywhere

Unstoppable except by unseen submerged trees.

Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Automotive tire

Sky Tire Snow Automotive tire Vehicle

Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tread
1 - 2 of 2 Posts